This is always one of my favorite days here at Camp Lebanon: the day of the volleyball tournament! Before we got to that athletic-ey goodness, however, we finished the game we started last night (basically a more complicated version of the counselor hunt) and pushed the counselors into Cedar Lake.

Pushing In

Swimming has been a big part of the past two free times, simply because it has been sunny and the lake has been so inviting! I asked these campers if they would do belly flops off of the diving board in exchange for a picture in the slideshow, and they were more than willing to oblige!


This evening the cabins got all dressed up and painted and then headed down to the volleyball courts to play a grand tournament. Music blaring, energy high, good sports to watch, canteen treats, and cabin unity all make the volleyball tournament a blast to be a part of.

Volleyball Hands

The winners of the boys teams was India (my cabin buddies!) and the winner of the girls’ tournament was Norway. But whether the campers got out after the second game, or made it all the way to the final spot, I would feel comfortable saying that a good time was had by all.

Triple Play

Please be in prayer for the last few days of Junior High camp for the summer. These days are frequently the most powerful because walls are coming down, and consequently, they need the most prayer. Please pray for the counselors, the speakers, and the campers’ hearts to hear their message.

– Warren