Here’s the lineup of who is on the Camp Lebanon road trip this summer. Feel free to peruse by clicking on each name. Enjoy!

Jesse Scheumann Counselor

Garrett ZaffkeCounselor

John KadingCounselor

Jesse KoonCounselor

Tyler MartindaleCounselor

Phil EllisonCounselor

Josh SchultzCounselor

Pete WallickCounselor

Amara FalkCounselor

Anna FlaaCounselor

Valentina BlackburnCounselor

Martha BarrettCounselor

Samantha VanHoeverCounselor

Katie HattonCounselor

Tessa LivingstonCounselor

Carica BrarenCounselor

Amy HastingsCounselor

Nina RogosienskiCounselor

Joe BudishMale Lead Counselor

Laurel SchoneFemale Lead Counselor/Staff Supervisor

Guy MagnoHost/Staff Supervisor

Justin GoldJr. Staff Supervisor

Joel OnyshukMaintenance Jr. Staff Supervisor

Richard OlsonMaintenance/Night Watch

Jason JohnsonMaintenance Assistant

Jenny BardyDining Hall Jr. Staff Supervisor

Megan LindquistKitchen Assistant

Stephanie WittHousekeeping Jr. Staff Supervisor

Lisel StempelWaterfront Supervisor

Megan BuchholzLifeguard/Rec

Marie AbelerLifeguard/Rec

Kyle NelsonLifeguard/Rec

Craig KubiszewskiChapel Coordinator

Kristin KnudsonCraft Coordinator

Cassie BuchholzOffice Assistant

Michelle JohnsonOffice Assistant

Elizabeth BakerNurse

Warren MacLeodPhotography/Website

Kendra NiesLIT Supervisor

Pete MadesInterim Program Director

Becca MadesPete’s Wife

JessKa SchultzCo-Counselor

Megan GeikenCo-Counselor

Abby NelsonCo-Counselor

Andy JensenCo-Counselor

Dave BudishCo-Counselor


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