Northwestern College Alum

Greatest passion?

Serving my Lord Jesus and frontier missions

Favorite Book of the Bible?

Philippians and Hosea

Favorite Bible Verse?

Philippians 4:6-8

What is your favorite characteristic of God and why?

His faithful forgiveness. I can’t see why He would continue to forgive me, but He is always faithful in His forgiveness of my sins because of Jesus Christ!

Place you’d most like to go on a vacation?

Western Africa or Scotland

Best road trip you’ve been on?

Solo camping trip through Europe. I guess it was more of a train trip than a road trip, but it was still awesome!

Write a haiku.

Sunlight-gilded leaves

Light-fringed waves of azure blue

Joy-filled summer days

How did your passion for missions begin?

In 4th grade, a missionary speaker at Camp Lebanon told us about her time in Zambia, and I could feel God already moving my heart for missions. Since then, he has put a passion in my heart to bring His true Gospel where it has never been heard before!


4 Responses to “Warren MacLeod”

  1. Bridget Beck Says:

    Hey Warren! Haven’t seen you in a long time, and gosh, you clean up pretty good! I am so glad you are back at Camp. What are your plans now that college is behind you? I will be praying for you and Camp this summer!

  2. Bridget Beck Says:

    AMAZING photos by the way. You truely see wonder in God’s created things.

  3. Melinda Loberg Says:

    Thanks for your daily updates and photos, I look forward to checking in each morning. I especially appreciate your humor, insights, great photography, and letting us know specific ways in which we can pray. Thanks again and keep up the good work!!

  4. Dave Budish Says:

    Warren, your seminar on the missions field was really great. It really rekindled my thinking about being a missionary or teacher in a foreign country. We have some cool things in common that are very rare among guys. Thanks for all the help. Keep up with your awesome photos.

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