Greatest passion?

Acting, singing, and praising our wonderful creator

Biggest pet peeve?

Fingernails tapping on a desk or table

Favorite Book of the Bible?


Favorite Bible Verse?

John 8:26

What is your favorite characteristic of God and why?

He will never leave you.  You know he will always be there for you to keep you going in hard times and if you fall he will pick you up again.

Place you’d most like to go on a vacation?

New York City

Longest or best road trip (vacation) you’ve been on?

Branson, Missouri.  (14 hours)

What is your favorite game to play in the car on a road trip?

The license plate game.  Trying to find a plate from every state.

Who would you most like to meet on vacation to your favorite place?

Kristin Chenoweth  (actress/Broadway star)


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