Northwestern College

Greatest passion?

Spreading the love of Christ and having fun doing it.

Biggest pet peeve?

Stains on your clothes

Favorite Book of the Bible?

Romans, Genesis

Favorite Bible Verse?

Hebrews 12:1-3

What is your favorite characteristic of God and why?

It’s the best and the worst, his mystery.  When it seems like nothing is working out, it actually is but since we can’t see the big picture, God’s ways are a mystery to us.

Place you’d most like to go on a vacation?

Mediterranean area (Greece, Italy) or Australia

Longest or best road trip (vacation) you’ve been on?

Went my senior year of high school with my best friends on a road trip to Cedar Point, Ohio in a mini – bus that we converted into an RV complete with a TV, Nintendo Wii, bunk beds, a fridge, and painted red flames coming off the wheels

What is your favorite game to play in the car on a road trip?

Gameboy or Mafia

Worst thing you did in high school to get into trouble?

I de-pantsed a kid during a school-wide dodge ball game and got suspended for one day


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