Craig Kubiszewski (Koob-ih-sheh-ski)



Northwestern College

Greatest passion?

Seeing the next generation worship God

Biggest pet peeve?

Talking during movies.

Favorite Book of the Bible?

The one about Jesus

Favorite Bible Verse?

“If you wake your friend in the early morning by shouting ‘Rise and shine!’ it will sound to him more like a curse than a blessing.”  -Proverbs 27:14

What is your favorite characteristic of God and why?

Grace, without it the other characteristics wouldn’t matter to us.

Place you’d most like to go on a vacation?


Longest or best road trip (vacation) you’ve been on?

I’ve driven to Texas with my girlfriend to see her family, that was pretty fun.

What is your favorite game to play in the car on a road trip?

Uno rocks my face off.

Write a haiku.

I wrote a haiku
Though it was not very good
People still liked it

What is the best meal ever?

A Chipotle burrito with chicken, rice, black beans and hot sauce; or, chicken fried chicken at the Cotton Patch Café in Texas.


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