Super Kids 3

Today was a beautiful day! The clouds were spectacular and billowy, and I couldn’t help but anticipate the day when Jesus will come riding on the clouds. What a day that will be!


During game time today, the campers played dodgeball, which is always fun. It’s fun to be in my position because I can walk along the dividing line while balls are flying on all sides, while nothing touches me. It’s kind of a fun feeling :).


Chapel tonight was focused on the gospel message. Steve Hanson spoke about how Jesus Christ is the only way to get onto the narrow road. He and his wife Laura have been really engaged in the life of camp, and they are doing a great job of forming relationships with the campers.

Steve and Laura

The evening ended with a carnival for the campers where they dunk their counselor, play Hailstorm, get their faces painted, or many other activities.


In staff devotions this morning, we discussed the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his only son and even though it was so difficult for him to do, he went to do it anyways. He valued his relationship with the Lord higher than his relationship with his son. Thankfully, God saved Isaac and the sacrifice was simply a test of faith. What is the “Isaac” in your life that would be hardest to sacrifice? And if God Himself called you to let go of it completely, what would your response be? These are very convicting questions, but very healthy questions to ask. They reveal our true desires and priorities. Jesus should be our highest priority and our truest, most passionate desire. Take the time to think critically about your life and if what you value is standing in the way of your relationship with God.

– Warren


Today was a wonderful day here at Camp Lebanon, even though it rained a bit and wasn’t the warmest. I know the kids still had a blast, though. This morning the campers were engaged in learning various skills around camp. They learn two skills a day, one of which is canoeing. Since it was windy today, the campers had to practice on the dock, but it looks like they enjoyed themselves.


Every week of camp is different and every group of kids is different. This week, the kids are a bit squirrely, but  they’re pretty good at getting quiet when they need to be. They also dearly love to laugh, as evidenced by this next picture:


Morning and evening chapels have been opportunities for campers to learn about who Jesus is and what He’s done for us. Each chapel begins with a few silly songs and a few serious songs, all of which are intended to give glory to God. The camp Barefoot Band has blessed us with their music during these times.

Barefoot Band

Steve Hanson, the speaker of the week, spoke tonight about how life is like a road trip. He gave the campers an opportunity to think about where their own road trip has led them and is leading them. I love that they are already being challenged with self-reflection and its only the first day! Pray that God would open up hardened hearts.


Tomorrow night, Steve will be sharing the Good News of the Kingdom. He will need prayer as will the campers and counselors, so as you read this right now, I encourage you to pray that God would let the truth of this life penetrate the campers hearts: namely, that we are all born into sin, and none of us is worthy of heaven. But God sent His Son, Jesus, to this world to die on a cross and cover the sins of His own, so that whoever calls Him Lord of their lives will be able to call Him their own Father. Pray that these campers would call Jesus Lord!

– Warren

Another week of Super Kids and even though it’s the third one, I’m still excited for the campers to be here. And they’re excited too!  It’s crazy to think about how these campers are already getting engaged in camp life even though it’s been only a half day. It hadn’t been two hours after camp had started before campers were down on the docks fishing. Luckily, we have a fishing grandpa (Marv) here this week to give us some help on the fishing front.


The campers didn’t waste any time in regards to swimming either. We had 130 campers come to take the swim test today, and after that, we had a large group of boys and girls come swimming after dinner. And it’s only the first day!

Jump On In

The staff variety show took place tonight as well, and I was impressed again at the level of quality of this show. It’s good to see how the staff are really making sure that the campers are having fun on this first day. These two are our Ooga Booga Warriors – Kyle and Andy.

Ooga Booga

Our speaker this week is Steve Hanson, who is accompanied by his wife, Laura. They have worked at camp for years and I’m so glad to see them back, if only for a week. Having worked in Lithuania for a year, they are now back on a summer furlough before heading back to Eastern Europe. I’m glad they chose to spend some time here at Camp Lebanon.

Steve Hanson

One of the best ways you can be in prayer for Camp’s ministry this week is to pray that God would take out the hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh – that those here who are enslaved to sin even as children would find the freeing power of Jesus’ blood, and make Him Lord of their lives. Also be in prayer that the staff would be fresh, effective witnesses for the gospel of the Kingdom.

Have a great day, and remember to rejoice in the Lord always!

– Warren