Super Kids 2

It’s crazy to think that tomorrow is the last full day of Super Kids 2. I feel like this week started yesterday! Time has flown by, but a lot can happen in a day!

One of the new water toys at camp is the Rave aquapark, complete with log roll, water trampoline, and blob bounce. The campers have been having a good time trying to be bounced as high as possible, and I’ve had a good time catching some of their attempts on film.


Every day after dinner, we have a busy schedule, but there’s always a time set aside for cabin adventure – when the campers can bond as a cabin and just have fun. Tonight, Philippines cabin decided to have a tea party, so they got dressed up, got some cookies from the kitchen, and drank some tea (or hot cocoa).

Tea Party

The night ended with the carnival – a time for games, cotton candy, and a dump tank. Here’s a photo of our own Phil Ellison getting a bucket of frigid water dumped all over.


I’ll end this post with a picture from tonight’s chapel. Joel Osterlund spoke about what it means to find the narrow road. We are all walking on the road to destruction until we find a guide to lead us to the road to life. That guide – that savior – is Jesus Christ. He alone can produce life in us and He alone is the One who needs to be the Lord of our lives.

This picture gives me hope that the future generation is looking to Christ for salvation and is falling in love with the Savior.


– Warren


Today was the first full day of Super Kids, and it was full of games and animals (couldn’t have guessed that from the title, eh?). The first game of the day was the counselor hunt. It was so warm today, that I’m not sure the “punishment” of being pushed in the lake was actually a punishment.

Counselor Hunt

The next game of the day was right before dinner (side note: for dinner, we went on a road trip to Kansas City to have Kansas City style barbecue chicken) and was very messy. The goal was to stick Skittles to a friend’s face which was covered in peanut butter.

Peanut Butter

Our last game of the day was right before chapel. We painted our faces, put tape on our arms, and played Braveheart – one of my favorite camp games, for sure!


This day was also full of strange animals, some of which I’ve never seen at camp: salamanders, a crazy huge moth with red wings, pelicans, an overly friendly squirrel, and a raccoon, which was kind enough to let me get close enough to her to take this picture.


In chapel tonight, Joel spoke about our theme verse for the summer: Matthew 7:13-14. We learned about what types of things go down on the broad road that leads to destruction, using Cain as an example. We learned that everyone starts out on this broad road, and no works we can do will change the road we’re on. Tomorrow, we’ll be learning about the hope of the narrow road. I can’t wait to see the response. It’s one of my favorite parts of camp’s ministry!

Here are some ways you can pray for us tomorrow:

  1. That the campers would hear the truth of the Gospel and respond to it.
  2. That the staff would be faithful in their portrayal of salvation.
  3. That the Spirit of God would move mightily in all our hearts.

Have a good day and remember to keep the eyes of your heart on Jesus, the creator and perfector of our faith.

– Warren

Here we are, on the first day of Super Kids 2, and I can’t believe that it’s July already! It almost feels like the first week of camp again! I’m excited for a week with this group of Super Kids. They’re already so well behaved and they follow directions wonderfully! Even after a long (or not-so-long) ride to get here.

Going to Camp Lebanon

The campers met their counselors and the rest of the staff, and then rushed down to get milkshakes, burgers, and fries from Jimbo’s Roadkill Cafe. This is one of my favorite meals at camp and the fact that it is served out the windows of the dining hall just adds so much to the experience!

Roadkill Cafe

Tonight we heard a message from Joel Osterlund, the speaker of the week. He began by telling us about a road trip where he went hunting. Luckily, the campers were willing to volunteer as actors in the story!

Joel and Hunter

The night ended with a variety show full of silliness and shaving cream. It’s so fun to hear the campers laughing at the antics of the staff.

Before I finish for the night, here’s a quick story of my own road trip I took with my family to Michigan last week. Our van broke down 7 hours from home in a tiny town with only one questionable mechanic. We ended up having to rent a moving van to get home after over 24 hours of being stuck in a hotel. But as bad as it seemed at the time, God’s mercy was still great. No one was hurt. The van was pretty old anyways. And we learned once again to depend on God for deliverance. It’s amazing to think about how God knows exactly what we need and how to give it to us. As you read this, remember that God’s wisdom is beyond ours and whether it be a broken down van or the loss of a job, He knows just what we need and He will give it to us. Glory be to God for His faithfulness in that!