Junior High 3

One of the coolest things we’re doing with Junior High this year is adding Man Hour and Inside Out hour (basically a men’s and women’s morning chapel). The campers learn about issues for their gender in today’s world. Today in Man Hour, we discussed what it means to have strength – more than physical strength, but true strength as we see in the Bible.

Man Hour

Every day, after lunch, we have the chance to play a few games as cabins. The cabins are on a rotation so they will all get to play every game. Today, the water games were particularly exciting!

Water Games

Another everyday camp event is flag lowering (flag raising too) in the evening. We take time to pray for our country and its leaders as its symbol is lowered to be folded for the evening.

Flag Lowering

And the final picture of the night is from the game Clue. The characters that made an appearance this week include: R2D2 and Princess Leia, Mr. Tumnus, Mary Poppins and one of her waiter penguins, Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, and Joe Mauer.

– Warren



This is always one of my favorite days here at Camp Lebanon: the day of the volleyball tournament! Before we got to that athletic-ey goodness, however, we finished the game we started last night (basically a more complicated version of the counselor hunt) and pushed the counselors into Cedar Lake.

Pushing In

Swimming has been a big part of the past two free times, simply because it has been sunny and the lake has been so inviting! I asked these campers if they would do belly flops off of the diving board in exchange for a picture in the slideshow, and they were more than willing to oblige!


This evening the cabins got all dressed up and painted and then headed down to the volleyball courts to play a grand tournament. Music blaring, energy high, good sports to watch, canteen treats, and cabin unity all make the volleyball tournament a blast to be a part of.

Volleyball Hands

The winners of the boys teams was India (my cabin buddies!) and the winner of the girls’ tournament was Norway. But whether the campers got out after the second game, or made it all the way to the final spot, I would feel comfortable saying that a good time was had by all.

Triple Play

Please be in prayer for the last few days of Junior High camp for the summer. These days are frequently the most powerful because walls are coming down, and consequently, they need the most prayer. Please pray for the counselors, the speakers, and the campers’ hearts to hear their message.

– Warren

Today was beautiful . . . mostly. The weather was great all day up until the evening challenges when the rain decided to descend upon our camp like a wall of water. Even in the rain, the campers still had fun, though. It’s amazing how little it affects the life here at camp!


The weather for the rest of the day was great though: perfect for tubing and swimming because it was fairly warm and humid. The lake was perfect for cooling off today. Amara and her campers enjoyed tubing (especially because they fell off a few times).


One constant here at camp is the game of four-square. Today it didn’t matter if it was raining hard or if there was sunny blue sky – there was always a line at the four-square court.


The speakers of the week, Craig and Molly Sanborn, spoke to us tonight about what it means to be loved by God. Now, this is a huge topic, and one which could not be covered in one chapel, but they did a good job of using personal stories and the Bible to point out some evidence of God’s love for us.

Craig and Molly

As you go about your day today, don’t be focused on the things of this world. Know that God is on His throne, and that that is the place upon which our hearts and minds should be fixed. Go today with the knowledge and hope of Jesus Christ’s authority, and reach a dying world in need!

– Warren