Junior High 1

Today’s weather was nicer than yesterday, which made for a few more options during free time. And luckily, there was even a nice wind so that some campers could go sailing.


But by far, the highlight of the day was the volleyball tournament. Spanning a time slot from right after dinner all the way to chapel, every cabin formed a team and competed to win the tournament. Israel won for the boys cabins and the Philippines cabin won the girls’ tournament (In the winners circle match, Philippines just beat Israel to claim the all-around championship).


During chapel times this week, the campers have been singing praises to Jesus. It has been absolutely incredible to hear them – more so than any group that I can remember before. To hear 130 junior highers lifting their hearts in worship to God has been a tremendous blessing to me. And to see them raise their hands in praise stirs such hope in me for a new generation who is passionate about glorifying the name of the Lord!


And the final photo of the day is one which I took not all that long ago! I had some campers running around with flashlights, and we did some light-painting. Enjoy!


Light Painting

And now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine be all the glory and honor forever and ever. Amen!


Today was a little wet and rainy, but we made the best of it! Because the rain wasn’t too heavy, we were still able to enjoy our outside games: Clue and a Challenge Course.

For the Challenge Course, the campers ran around camp completing different tasks at each area they visited. Building a human pyramid, army crawling the volleyball courts, and a ridiculously long three-legged run were all part of the fun.


Of course, after building a human pyramid, what else would one want to do but sugar up. A quick stop to the canteen provides the campers with friendly service and of course, the candy/ice cream/pop.

Canteen Girls

I promised yesterday that I would post some zip line pictures and here’s one. I took a video of me racing a camper down the zip line, but you’ll have to get the DVD to see that (I can’t post it here). This is the first week that the zip line has been open to a summer camp, and it’s going well. I’ve been able to work on it for a bit and it really is thrilling!

Zip Line

And here it is: my favorite picture of the day. We played the game Clue tonight and, as usual, had an amazing time! The cast of characters were from Disney movies and included Pocahontas, Aladdin and Jasmine, Pinocchio and the Blue Fairy, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Here’s the cast in full:


Have a good day and don’t forget to give Him all the glory!


Here we are in the first full day of Junior High 1, and I still can’t believe how awesome junior highers are. What a blessing to have so many of them here! The day was filled with many games, and two new first-time-being-used-at-Camp-Lebanon items: the Aquapark and the Screaming Eagle Zip Line (Zip line pictures yet to come). I loved watching the campers trying to run the length of the log roll, or get bounced on the ‘blob’ as we call it.


This afternoon, the campers were split into three groups. One played human fussball, another played “Sticky Kazoo,” and the third did kayak races with no paddles.

Kayak Race

Once again, Jason Kramme spoke to us about the narrow road. We learned about the Bible tonight, and how it tells us how much God loves us. Jason used a personal story to illuminate how easily people can forget that God does love us. I am always amazed at how well the campers (and staff) respond to this simple but extremely profound message.

Guy and Lisel

And here’s my favorite picture from the day. These girls were so funny! They were just having a great time!


That’s all for Monday. See you back here tomorrow! Have a good day and remember to pray for our time here at camp! I can tell that this is not going to be an easy week, but that’s okay because it will be very good with His help.


We have a full staff (both senior and junior!) and about 130 campers here this week, all learning about what it means to live life on the narrow road. The speaker this week, Jason Kramme, gave us a taste of what we’ll be learning this week and I’m excited to hear what he has to say.

Jason Kramme

One of the first things that the campers experienced today was a picnic dinner served to them out of the dining hall windows, also known as “Jimbo’s Road Kill Cafe.”

Jimbo's Road Kill Cafe

The end of the evening was marked by the Staff Variety Show. Shared gum, improv scenarios, a plethora of pies thrown, and the ever-popular “Cool and Creamy” sketch evoked laughter from the crowd. In my opinion, this was one of the best variety shows camp has had in a long time.

Variety Show

I’ll leaveĀ  you with my favorite picture of the day and a thought: Even though every day has its share of good and bad, Jesus is still sitting at God’s side. He is still in control. He is the Lord of all at the end of the day.


– Warren