First off I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Matt, I am the photographer this week. Warren is getting ready to head to Nigeria, so he took this week off. I would like to thank him for his hard work and great blog posts. It’s going to be hard to be anywhere near that good.

It’s Adventurers 2, the last week of the summer. This is the second to last blog post for the summer of 2009, but I (along with the other staff) am excited for this week. As a counselor, this was probably the most fun week to counsel. Adventurers are 1st to 6th grade, most being under 10 years old. These kids want to have fun, they have a lot of energy, and they think your cool (unlike Jr Highers). This makes for a great time of hanging out with campers and playing games. It also amazing to see the energy these kids have. Being the 10th week of summer camp, some of the staff don’t have a lot of energy, but I find that we feed off their energy.

This week the speaker is Bill Abeler also known as Bobber Bill. Tonight he talked about how there is only one way, but two roads. He taught the kids the theme verse for the week (Matthew 7:13-14) and then the story of the 12 Spies to show that many choose destruction and few choose life.

Bobber Bill One Way

12 spys

After chapel the kids got a chance to jump in the lake for a little bit. The water temperature did not seem to keep the kids from having a blast.

Jumping In

The final thing of the night was the Staff Variety Show. The campers got to watch their conselors and other staff members do crazy things, sing songs, preform funny skits, and have a good time while doing it. It was hard choosing what the favorite skit of the night was, but I think Smooth & Silky was probably it.

Smooth and Silky

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

1. For energy and joy for the staff. This is the 10th and last week of doing this. Sometimes things can get boring or we just run out of energy. Please pray that doesn’t happen and that this week could end up being the best of the summer.
2. That the kids would respond to Gospel. Bobber Bill does a good job presenting the Gospel to kids in a way they understand, but sometimes the concept of a Savior goes over some kid’s head. Please pray that they would understand it and respond to it.
3. For a good, fun week. Pray that Adventurers 2 would be the week out the summer that we as a staff would remember most. Pray that we have a lot of fun, but more importantly that God moves in big ways.

I’m so excited for the rest of the week.