The blog has reached it’s end. It’s sad to say that this is the last time a post will be made to this blog.

As I said yesterday, the energy in these kids is just amazing. These kids did more stuff as a SuperKid would and yet they go to bed earlier then them.

After breakfast the kids have a game time. The boys and girls are split up and each do different games. The boys where at the tennis courts where they played Ships Across the Ocean. They girls were on the water front playing different water games including dunking your counselor.

game - dunk

In the morning chapels, a different skit is acted out. Today’s story was the Good Samaritan, but done in a “modern-day” version. After the skit, the kids break up into their cabins and discus the skit.

The kids have an ‘options’ time. This is a time where all the stuff are in charge of something and the kids choose something to do. They could play Nuke’em (a kid-friendly version of volleyball), four-square, basketball, hockey, fishing, swimming, and even a reading time.

Frolf Group

Today’s afternoon game was the famous Counselor Hunt. Pretty much the counselors (and other staff) go and hide, then the kids try to find them. If they do find a staff member, they get to push them into the lake.

Counselor Hunt

In tonight’s chapel Bobber Bill talked about Stopping and knowing God (Psalm 46:10). He then made an acronym out of STOP for some characteristics of God. The S was Super Strong. Bobber Bill used the story from Joshua 10:1-15 where God rains down hailstones and kills most of Joshua’s enemies, to show that God is Powerful. This is also the story where the sun stands still.
T was Totally True. Bill talked about how God is perfect and pure and has not and will not sin. He also talked about how we are sinful.
O was One and Only. He talked about how God is the only God, and how idols we may make are not gods and have no power.
P was Pure Passion. Bobber Bill told the story from Luke 18:35-19:10. This is the story where a blind beggar is crying out to Jesus and everyone told him to stop, but he continued. He said that the two important words from that story where “Jesus stopped”. He talked about how Jesus stopped to help this man and show passion in helping him. The second part to that passage is the story of Zacchaeus and how Jesus also showed passion when dealing with him. He wrapped up the story saying that Jesus showed passion for and loved the lowest of people (the blind beggar) and the ‘greatest’ of people (a tax collector) and everyone in between.

Reading Bible

The big event for tonight was the Carnival. At the carnival the kids ran around playing games trying to get tickets. Then at the end the cabin with the most tickets won a prize. There where a couple special things that the campers could do that were not games. They could get their hair done in a crazy fashion or get their face painted. One of the things that the campers look forward to is the Dunk Tank. If the campers were willing to pay four tickets, they could try to dunk any staff member of their choice.

Dunk Tank

As I finish this blog, I just want to thank all of you who kept up-to-date with this blog, those who prayed for this summer, and those of you who sent your kids to camp at all this summer. This was probably the best summer that I have experienced at Camp yet.