If today was any indicator of what this week will be like, we’re in for an amazing week! The weather, the campers, the staff, and God’s glory made visible all contributed to bring about such a wonderful evening.

Josh Koehn, a former camp staff member, is here to talk to the campers about who Jesus is, why He deserves worship, and how to go about doing so.

Jash with Raised Hands

Tonight we had some swim time at the same time as canteen (the candy-pop-treats canteen?). Because it was a warmer day, there were quite a few campers who were willing to get wet even after the sun had gone down.

Running in the Water

And the last picture of the night is from the staff variety show (see previous weeks to get an idea of a few of the skits). I’m always amazed to see how well the campers respond to the goofiness of the staff. It’s always a fun evening.

var day in the life

This week, here are a few ways to be in prayer:

1. That God’s message would be spoken clearly through Josh.

2. That the campers would have hearts that are prepared for that message.

3. That the staff would seek out teachable moments to share the Good News with the campers.

Thanks for reading and praying!