One of the coolest things we’re doing with Junior High this year is adding Man Hour and Inside Out hour (basically a men’s and women’s morning chapel). The campers learn about issues for their gender in today’s world. Today in Man Hour, we discussed what it means to have strength – more than physical strength, but true strength as we see in the Bible.

Man Hour

Every day, after lunch, we have the chance to play a few games as cabins. The cabins are on a rotation so they will all get to play every game. Today, the water games were particularly exciting!

Water Games

Another everyday camp event is flag lowering (flag raising too) in the evening. We take time to pray for our country and its leaders as its symbol is lowered to be folded for the evening.

Flag Lowering

And the final picture of the night is from the game Clue. The characters that made an appearance this week include: R2D2 and Princess Leia, Mr. Tumnus, Mary Poppins and one of her waiter penguins, Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, and Joe Mauer.

– Warren