One of the most encouraging parts of Senior High week is all of the deep conversations that we as staff can have with the campers. I was able to talk with a few of my old campers today (that’s right, I used to be a counselor!) and it was so good to hear how they are looking towards God in their lives outside of camp! I know that these deep conversations are happening all around camp, especially due to the chapel times with Jake Minell. He’s been discussing the issue of suffering in our lives all week, and how the Christian life isn’t marked by constant happy times and perfect circumstances, but rather by a desire to follow God in both the good times and bad.

Jake Speaking

All week, we’re having themed road trip dinners. Yesterday, we went on a culinary road trip to Texas, and tonight, we crossed the border to give our tastebuds a road trip to some Mexican fajitas. Of course, what’s dinner without a little music? Or costumes?

Mexican Night

The highlight of the day came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. It came in the form of a surprise concert by the band Eleventyseven. The campers loved this new addition to camp. The following two photos are from the concert.

Eleventy Seven

Eleventy Groupies

Have a good night, and don’t forget to give God the glory for His work!