One of my favorite aspects of Senior High camp is that everything is insanely busy, but it never feels that way. I can’t believe that this has been only one day, but I’ve never felt rushed either. It’s such a fun week!

This year, we’re revisiting the past during our morning chapels. At camp, we used to have a missionary come every week to discuss missions. This week, we’re having a different missionary come every day to talk about their experiences and the reasons for missions. Eva Brandes shared her passion with us this morning.


Another thing that we’re bringing back during Senior High week is tubing and water skiing. We don’t have the boat at camp this summer, but this week, Mr. Mades is letting us use his. I loved having the chance to go out in a speedboat again! Tubing today was fantastic because it was quite wavy.


Tonight, we played my favorite camp game: Clue. This week, the staff went all out to make their costumes as Disney characters be the best they could be. Characters from Monsters, Inc., Tarzan, Mary Poppins, and the Emperor’s New Groove all made appearances tonight.


Immediately after playing Clue, we all gathered in the Chalet for a coffeehouse time. We played card and board games, had live music, and of course, we had the chance to get some Turtle Bay Coffee Company espresso. I’ll not complain about a chance to relax and hang out with friends – old and new.

Coffee House

I have just one prayer request for tomorrow: that God’s truth and love would overflow over the barriers that many of these campers have put up.

– Warren