Every year Senior High camp is a little different. Different speakers, games, campers, and staff all contribute to the change. This year, the change is amazing! I can’t remember a senior high camp when the campers got so engaged so early on. Having Jake Minell as a speaker definitely helps. He wasted no time tonight in presenting truth. The theme of this week is not so much the happy, good times that we have on this road trip called life, but rather the bumps, breakdowns, and sufferings that we’ll be going through as followers of Christ. Jake’s ability to speak from recent, personal experiences makes his chapels so much more accessible, too.

Jake Minell

Today’s adventures began with a picnic as cabins. As always, the food was incredible!

A Picnic

The campers are each in a cabin and each cabin is paired with another cabin to form a team. During team time tonight, the cabins chose names, created a cheer/way to introduce their team name, and started working on their AirBand competition. More details to come about that particular event.

Team Thriller

Because of the theme of this week (which has been a theme I’ve been learning in my life this summer) and because of a recent event in my life, I’m going to take a few sentences to write some thoughts about suffering for Christ, and how it is not always pleasant to follow Jesus, but it is always good. I have been looking for a teaching job (outside of camp) since January, and I haven’t had any luck. I prayed that Jesus would be in control, since I knew I would jump on the first opportunity that arose. Since January, I’ve sent my resume to over 45 schools around the world, none of which responded back positively. And every time a rejection came, it was really frustrating and difficult to deal with. But I knew that God’s will is more important than my own, so I chose to wait on God (not an easy thing to do, let me tell you). Just as I was about to despair of getting a job for the fall, I got a call from a principal of a school in Nigeria, offering me a job for this fall. After all the suffering I went through, God was gracious and provided for me! But the suffering needed to be there. In your life, if you are suffering, know that God can use it for good. It’s not always in the way you expect, or with the timing that you desire, but He knows what’s best. Don’t forget that truth!

– Warren