Today was a beautiful day! The clouds were spectacular and billowy, and I couldn’t help but anticipate the day when Jesus will come riding on the clouds. What a day that will be!


During game time today, the campers played dodgeball, which is always fun. It’s fun to be in my position because I can walk along the dividing line while balls are flying on all sides, while nothing touches me. It’s kind of a fun feeling :).


Chapel tonight was focused on the gospel message. Steve Hanson spoke about how Jesus Christ is the only way to get onto the narrow road. He and his wife Laura have been really engaged in the life of camp, and they are doing a great job of forming relationships with the campers.

Steve and Laura

The evening ended with a carnival for the campers where they dunk their counselor, play Hailstorm, get their faces painted, or many other activities.


In staff devotions this morning, we discussed the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was called by God to sacrifice his only son and even though it was so difficult for him to do, he went to do it anyways. He valued his relationship with the Lord higher than his relationship with his son. Thankfully, God saved Isaac and the sacrifice was simply a test of faith. What is the “Isaac” in your life that would be hardest to sacrifice? And if God Himself called you to let go of it completely, what would your response be? These are very convicting questions, but very healthy questions to ask. They reveal our true desires and priorities. Jesus should be our highest priority and our truest, most passionate desire. Take the time to think critically about your life and if what you value is standing in the way of your relationship with God.

– Warren