Today’s weather was much better than yesterday’s! Swimming was actually a viable option and many campers took advantage of that. Rainy days at camp can be fun, but it’s just wonderful to have a great sunny day!

Swimming Dive

Each morning and evening the campers attend flag raising/lowering respectively. During this time, we pray for our country and its leaders. I’ve actually been quite blessed to see how the campers do care enough to pray for America.


The highlight of the whole day was the volleyball tournament. I’m always amazed to see how cabins are brought together by this time and they really work to encourage and uplift one another. There’s definitely a potential for bickering and fighting, but I honestly don’t see a whole lot of it! The Lord has really uses this simple game to do some of His work in us. How cool!


This last picture is my favorite from the day (which is saying a lot – I took over 550 of them!), and I almost missed it. The dragonfly was so still and content to stay on this girl’s nose, and she was content to have it there.


I’ll leave you with a quick thought: Tonight I was not in the best of moods, but I realized that I have nothing to get angry about. My sins are gone. My eternal life has been bought by the One who died, was buried, and then rose again. I have been joined in His death, and so I have been joined in His life. What joy should be mine!

Don’t let a foul mood or poor circumstance get in the way of your joy. Sure we may be sorrowful or hurt for a time, but we must not forget that Jesus Christ – the One who paid our debt if we name Him Lord – is still seated on His throne and has everything under control. Let your joy be found in Him!

– Warren