Klaus Und Craig

The characters above are new to  camp this summer. Klaus, a “hip” foreign exchange student from Germany came to Guy looking for a cool American road trip to take. Guy paired Klaus with Craig – a really cool worker at camp. They have had wild and crazy adventures since beginning their road trip. Today, they were pulled over by a policeman for running a red light.

The weather was cooperative for parts of today, but uncooperative for others. Nonetheless, the campers had a blast doing whatever they were doing (whether they were getting wet or not).

Rainy People

The rain didn’t stop these campers from playing four square. Note the puddle that they’re playing in – can’t even see the division of the squares.

Rainy Four Square

Micah Labovitch presented the gospel message tonight. Be in prayer that the words he spoke would drive at the hearts of the campers who do not yet acknowledge Jesus as Lord. Also be in prayer that the counselors would have wisdom to take opportunities to share the Gospel wherever they can.

– Warren