Monday. The final frontier. . . Wow. That’s a real corny introduction, but it’s late, and I’ve been around junior highers all day.

Starting over.

The following picture recounts the adventure of the Camper-Gets-Taped-Up-and-the-Rest-of-His/Her-Cabin-Tries-to-Tape-a-Balloon-to-Said-Camper-While-Blindfolded-and-Whilst-Said-Camper-Hums-a-Tune-on-a-Kazoo game. I’m a fan, even if the name is a little unwieldy.


In this picture, we see the adventure of the zip line played out on the faces of campers waiting to go down the Screaming Eagle Zip Line. See the joy and excitement!

Zip Line

Hereafter we see two games – the likes of which will leave camp changed and . . . different. Iconic games. The first – Nuk’em – a game loved by campers old and young, has already been played many times (and it’s only Monday!).


The second iconic camp game is the ever-popular Clue. This week, the campers were visited by a slew of Disney characters: Simba and Rafiki, Captain Hook, Snow White and her dwarves, Sleeping Beauty and Fauna, and a slightly surly Pinocchio with his Blue Fairy. Quite possibly my favorite camp game ever.


In case you are wondering, I realize that this post is more sarcastic than normal. Thanks for sticking with me!

Here is one major way you can be praying for Tuesday: that the Gospel message as presented by Micah Labovitch would effect change in the hearts of the campers, and that the Holy Spirit would do mighty works in all our lives! Thanks for praying, and have a great day!

– Warren