It’s crazy to think that tomorrow is the last full day of Super Kids 2. I feel like this week started yesterday! Time has flown by, but a lot can happen in a day!

One of the new water toys at camp is the Rave aquapark, complete with log roll, water trampoline, and blob bounce. The campers have been having a good time trying to be bounced as high as possible, and I’ve had a good time catching some of their attempts on film.


Every day after dinner, we have a busy schedule, but there’s always a time set aside for cabin adventure – when the campers can bond as a cabin and just have fun. Tonight, Philippines cabin decided to have a tea party, so they got dressed up, got some cookies from the kitchen, and drank some tea (or hot cocoa).

Tea Party

The night ended with the carnival – a time for games, cotton candy, and a dump tank. Here’s a photo of our own Phil Ellison getting a bucket of frigid water dumped all over.


I’ll end this post with a picture from tonight’s chapel. Joel Osterlund spoke about what it means to find the narrow road. We are all walking on the road to destruction until we find a guide to lead us to the road to life. That guide – that savior – is Jesus Christ. He alone can produce life in us and He alone is the One who needs to be the Lord of our lives.

This picture gives me hope that the future generation is looking to Christ for salvation and is falling in love with the Savior.


– Warren