Today was the first full day of Super Kids, and it was full of games and animals (couldn’t have guessed that from the title, eh?). The first game of the day was the counselor hunt. It was so warm today, that I’m not sure the “punishment” of being pushed in the lake was actually a punishment.

Counselor Hunt

The next game of the day was right before dinner (side note: for dinner, we went on a road trip to Kansas City to have Kansas City style barbecue chicken) and was very messy. The goal was to stick Skittles to a friend’s face which was covered in peanut butter.

Peanut Butter

Our last game of the day was right before chapel. We painted our faces, put tape on our arms, and played Braveheart – one of my favorite camp games, for sure!


This day was also full of strange animals, some of which I’ve never seen at camp: salamanders, a crazy huge moth with red wings, pelicans, an overly friendly squirrel, and a raccoon, which was kind enough to let me get close enough to her to take this picture.


In chapel tonight, Joel spoke about our theme verse for the summer: Matthew 7:13-14. We learned about what types of things go down on the broad road that leads to destruction, using Cain as an example. We learned that everyone starts out on this broad road, and no works we can do will change the road we’re on. Tomorrow, we’ll be learning about the hope of the narrow road. I can’t wait to see the response. It’s one of my favorite parts of camp’s ministry!

Here are some ways you can pray for us tomorrow:

  1. That the campers would hear the truth of the Gospel and respond to it.
  2. That the staff would be faithful in their portrayal of salvation.
  3. That the Spirit of God would move mightily in all our hearts.

Have a good day and remember to keep the eyes of your heart on Jesus, the creator and perfector of our faith.

– Warren