Here we are, on the first day of Super Kids 2, and I can’t believe that it’s July already! It almost feels like the first week of camp again! I’m excited for a week with this group of Super Kids. They’re already so well behaved and they follow directions wonderfully! Even after a long (or not-so-long) ride to get here.

Going to Camp Lebanon

The campers met their counselors and the rest of the staff, and then rushed down to get milkshakes, burgers, and fries from Jimbo’s Roadkill Cafe. This is one of my favorite meals at camp and the fact that it is served out the windows of the dining hall just adds so much to the experience!

Roadkill Cafe

Tonight we heard a message from Joel Osterlund, the speaker of the week. He began by telling us about a road trip where he went hunting. Luckily, the campers were willing to volunteer as actors in the story!

Joel and Hunter

The night ended with a variety show full of silliness and shaving cream. It’s so fun to hear the campers laughing at the antics of the staff.

Before I finish for the night, here’s a quick story of my own road trip I took with my family to Michigan last week. Our van broke down 7 hours from home in a tiny town with only one questionable mechanic. We ended up having to rent a moving van to get home after over 24 hours of being stuck in a hotel. But as bad as it seemed at the time, God’s mercy was still great. No one was hurt. The van was pretty old anyways. And we learned once again to depend on God for deliverance. It’s amazing to think about how God knows exactly what we need and how to give it to us. As you read this, remember that God’s wisdom is beyond ours and whether it be a broken down van or the loss of a job, He knows just what we need and He will give it to us. Glory be to God for His faithfulness in that!