It was . . . ridiculously warm today. It wasn’t the heat so much as it was the humidity. The campers were commanded encouraged to drink 3 glasses of water at each meal and frequently in between meals as well. Because the weather was so warm, campers and staff spent as much time in the water as possible. At one point, there were 130 campers on the waterfront!

Jumping Off the Raft

The Super Kids have been enjoying the “Rave” aquapark, as well. I love watching a small kid get launched into the air from the ‘blob’ section. They fly so far and have so much fun doing it!


The game today was the classic counselor hunt. With the heat being so high, I don’t think any of the counselors minded being pushed in the lake after being found!

Counselor Hunt

In evening chapel tonight, the campers had the chance to learn about how powerful God is.  Vaughn Blackburn, the speaker of the week presented even more of the gospel message and encouraged campers to speak with their counselors about making Jesus the Lord of their lives.

Also in chapels, the campers have been enjoying rounds of “Gorilla Gets the Man.” I remember playing this game my first summer camping here, and the kids get into it now as much as I did then. It’s fun to see!


And finally, here are a few ways to pray for us tomorrow:

  1. That the campers would not be distracted from learning about Jesus and His message of hope.
  2. That the staff would be able to administer Jesus’ love to the campers.
  3. Again, that we would be protected from spiritual attacks. We need prayer that Jesus would keep this place safe (spiritually and physically).

Have a good day and remember to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind! Don’t rest on your own understanding, but give Him the glory in all you do and He will make your paths straight.