I didn’t believe that yesterday could have been hotter and humider (is that a word?), but I changed my mind by 10:00 this morning after running the Screaming Eagle Zip Line. We had a pretty good time, even though we were in a constant state of sweating/dampness.


One of the coolest parts of camp is how invested the counselors get into their campers lives, and how unified the cabins usually are by the end of the week. A big part of that with the Super Kids age group is the cabin adventure. The campers and their counselors go to various parts of camp and do something together as a cabin. It really helps! Tonight, I was able to sit in with India cabin who went on a pontoon ride.


A camp tradition for elementary students is the carnival. The staff run games like the dump tank, tumbleweed hair, and my personal favorite: the hailstorm (basically, campers run through an obstacle course while trying to avoid water balloons and a hose).


My favorite picture from today makes me stop to think about the Lord’s goodness in our lives. Even though the subject is simple – just grass in the sunlight – we can learn a lesson from it. God in His infinite goodness chooses to nurture and grow grass so that it can flourish. And how much more does he love His children? How much more does he love to grow those who call upon His name? We serve an amazing God who is more gracious towards us than we can ever know on this earth. Don’t forget to thank Him for His goodness!


Have a wonderful day and seek out opportunities to share about our merciful, gracious Lord!

– Warren