Moving In

Today marked the first Super Kids camp of the summer! The energy exuding from the campers is definitely contagious! Even with the rain today, we had a great opportunity to hear the gospel from our speaker, Vaughn Blackburn. He’s doing a great job of matching the campers’ energy.

Vaughn and Campers

As always, our first night of camp was kicked off with the staff variety show. We had some crazy accents, an advertisement for “Smooth and Silky – The Shaving Cream You Can Use in the Shower!”, and an attack by the blue trolls.

Blue Trolls

Here are a few ways you can be in prayer for camp this week:

  1. That Jesus’ name would be honored and glorified in all we do.
  2. That Vaughn and the counselors would be able to present the gospel to the campers in such a way that they understand what it is to be a Christian.
  3. That spiritual attacks would cease. There have been some strange things going on today, and we want to look to Christ to make them right.

Well, thanks for visiting! Have a good day and remember that no matter the situation, He is on His throne. Rest on that.

– Warren