Today’s weather was nicer than yesterday, which made for a few more options during free time. And luckily, there was even a nice wind so that some campers could go sailing.


But by far, the highlight of the day was the volleyball tournament. Spanning a time slot from right after dinner all the way to chapel, every cabin formed a team and competed to win the tournament. Israel won for the boys cabins and the Philippines cabin won the girls’ tournament (In the winners circle match, Philippines just beat Israel to claim the all-around championship).


During chapel times this week, the campers have been singing praises to Jesus. It has been absolutely incredible to hear them – more so than any group that I can remember before. To hear 130 junior highers lifting their hearts in worship to God has been a tremendous blessing to me. And to see them raise their hands in praise stirs such hope in me for a new generation who is passionate about glorifying the name of the Lord!


And the final photo of the day is one which I took not all that long ago! I had some campers running around with flashlights, and we did some light-painting. Enjoy!


Light Painting

And now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine be all the glory and honor forever and ever. Amen!