Here we are in the first full day of Junior High 1, and I still can’t believe how awesome junior highers are. What a blessing to have so many of them here! The day was filled with many games, and two new first-time-being-used-at-Camp-Lebanon items: the Aquapark and the Screaming Eagle Zip Line (Zip line pictures yet to come). I loved watching the campers trying to run the length of the log roll, or get bounced on the ‘blob’ as we call it.


This afternoon, the campers were split into three groups. One played human fussball, another played “Sticky Kazoo,” and the third did kayak races with no paddles.

Kayak Race

Once again, Jason Kramme spoke to us about the narrow road. We learned about the Bible tonight, and how it tells us how much God loves us. Jason used a personal story to illuminate how easily people can forget that God does love us. I am always amazed at how well the campers (and staff) respond to this simple but extremely profound message.

Guy and Lisel

And here’s my favorite picture from the day. These girls were so funny! They were just having a great time!


That’s all for Monday. See you back here tomorrow! Have a good day and remember to pray for our time here at camp! I can tell that this is not going to be an easy week, but that’s okay because it will be very good with His help.